mushroom lights from lark

Mushrooms And Ferns 10X10 Photograph Woodland Fungi Ferns In The Forest Magical Forest Green Ferns Mushroom Print. $14.99, via Etsy.

Woodland Mushroom, England. Stropharia aeruginosa, commonly known as the verdigris agaric, is a medium-sized woodland mushroom

Today my daughter asked me if I'd rather be a fairy or an angel. This picture is all about the fairy.

On the forest floor...

The first time I saw these in real life, in England, I was speechless.....they are not just pretty things in story books!

Glowing lavender for the fairies reading nighttime stories to the woodland creatures!

Mushrooms. Taking some inspiration from nature to incorporate into some of my designs


Verdigris Agaric (Stropharia aeruginosa) is a medium-sized green, slimy woodland mushroom, found on lawns, mulch and woodland from spring to autumn. The edibility of this mushroom is controversial

faerieforests: Psathyrella lacrymabunda by Josep Maria Ripoll Tarrago

"I'm always finding something new in the garden." Beautiful picture - its got wonderful detail.

Baumschwammerl ii Moos

Various sizes of mushrooms. They are just so cool and fascinating to me!!

8 Dangerously Beautiful Poisonous Mushrooms - 9GAG

Hygrocybe punicea, sometimes called Crimson or Scarlet Waxy Cap, is a colourful member of the genus Hygrocybe, the waxcaps, found across Northern Europe. It's the largest member of the genus, w an initially bell-shaped, and later flattening. The spore print is white. The ringless stipe is up 5–9 cm high and 2 cm wide, red w a paler yellow or whitish base. The flesh is whitish. It has a wide distribution in grasslands across Laos, and in woodland in North America.

Strawberry Mushrooms. Fairy party food - kids birthday party theme idea

Stropharia Aeruginosa, commonly known as the Verdigris Agaric, is a medium-sized green, slimy woodland mushroom ~ By Iveta Vašičková

Field & Forest Vintage Botanicals by Eclectic Anthology on Creative Market

Woodland Mushroom Terrarium Necklace (sold) by WiseMindDesigns. This woodland-inspired piece features a tiny pair of mushrooms made from polymer clay.