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Relive the days of crop tops and hair scrunchies one more time by starring as the 90s teen pop sensation!

My #Numerology Life Path #4

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Finally after all this time, I can say thanks.... I have held on to the disappointment and hurt that came after realizing that people that I THOUGHT were my friends were not. Thank you for opening my eyes to the kind of people you really are. Life is too short for fake friends - now I have REAL ones.


MY KIDS COME FIRST....every mother's mantra

True story

Great article about Natural Treatments for PMS. Please share it with your friends.

coffee and books...two of my favorites!

You must know the secret password to enter!

Mom & u 4ever!

What life is all about…


This so true. Does your mind ever catch up with your body???


lol....what can I say?

Love this quote

American Horror Story - one of my guilty

And I expect the same from my friends as well....when I ask for the truth...give me the TRUTH. I shouldn't ask if I can't take the answer.

just know you DIDN'T break me

This would be fun to wear on a grumpy day!

feelings that count....