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This would be great for students to keep in the front of their math binders or notebooks

Five days of learning the relationships between ratios, fractions, decimals, and percents, plus an enrichment activity, study guide, and summative assessment.

A great math literature book that covers the concept of multiplying a whole number by a fraction. Great for conceptual understanding. Rate interactive. Finding the unit rate when dealing with mph. Also includes a graph of the unit rate, perfect for beginning algebra students.

Here are all types of resources for teaching every concept of every standard of the Common Core for sixth grade math!

Daily Math Review- spiraling skill review and math warm ups for the upper grades- you control the difficulty because you choose the number kids work with each day. Great practice! by Hello Learning $

Common Core Worksheets (3rd Grade Edition) to pair with Interactive Math Notebooks from Create●Teach●Share

Interactive Math Notebook - Fractions at Create●Teach●Share. Aligned with CCSS.

Common Core Interactive Math Notebook- Fractions Edition for 5th Grade at Create●Teach●Share

Using Recipes to add fractions and convert improper fractions to proper fractions or mixed numbers; just one of many GREAT lessons from PBS Learning Media.

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Improper fraction to a mixed number

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How to lock iPAD or iPhone Screen, so Children Stay within the App You Want Them to? - No More Accidental App Deletion or Unwanted App Re-arrangement! #MobileTips #childproof #iPADhowto

When I grow up: Make a budget and see how math is used in that career. Students can dress the part.

Use statistics and decimals to figure out: how much did I earn from that hit?

How to Attach a PDF Document to a QR Code (and its benefits in the classroom)

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This is an exciting lesson for middle school math students in which they learn to translate between algebraic expressions written in word form to algebraic expressions written with mathematical symbols. The theme of the lesson is World War II and the role the Navajo Indians played in the war effort. Students train to become better translators and increase in rank from "Private", to "Colonel", and lastly to "General".

Teacher Testimonial: 6th Grade Interactive Notebook Order of Operations

*FREE* Factors Multiples Prime and Composite Number Review. *FREE* Factors, Multiples, Prime, and Composite Number Review! A 2 page review for students on Factors and Multiples and Prime and Composite Numbers. Includes Greatest Common Factors, Least Common Multiples, and Prime Factorization.