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  • Rebecca Gagnon

    Colorscope chart by Paper Source. Favorite Color personalities. what are you?

  • Hailey - Wildflower Photography

    Color inspiration. From Paper Source.

  • Delicious Decors

    Find out what your favorite color says about you ...

  • Kekita Kekitos

    Pick the color you like the best, then read description to see if it matches you :) {Peacock, Fig, Paper Bag}

  • Kristi Murray

    Very interesting marketing by Paper Source, especially because I sourced my paper from them while putting together my dream job interview handout package. "Look at the colors before reading the description. Pick the one you like the best, then tell me if that description matches you." (Curry, Paper Bag, Gravel and Cement were the "winning combo," btw) Red & Peacock...

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