36 Stunning Book #Tattoos That Are Surprisingly #Badass \ #books #art

Too cool tattoo

That's a mockingbird and if u look closely u can c a gun in the tree... to kill a mockingbird

Now that's a Dr. Seuss tattoo!!! #commitment

Camera tattoo..neat

Wow. REALLY pretty, but I'd never do it.

Cool tattoo

Arrows Tattly Designed by Wesley Stuckey Baltimore, MD

Spine tattoo. Love this quote. I'd get this, but not sure I'd do it on my spine. Maybe I'd do it around my thigh or down my leg or something. Not really sure.

Cool book tattoo!


And have a nice day!

This is amazing work!

This is so much better than the birds, feathers, or leaves: Books tatt.

I am in love with this quote. It describes my love of books to a T.

Amazing!!! Up

Wow....great detail, yet so simple. Love it!

This website has a bunch of specially made temporary tattos..I love this colorwheel!