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By El Bulli

Muelle de caramelo de aceite de oliva virgen.elBulli. 2005 genious Ferran Adria

We look at some of Ferran Adrià's signature dishes from his El Bulli restaurant

food art

These crunchy, ultra thin and translucent OLIVE OIL CHIPS are a creation of molecular gastronomy Chef Ferran Adria of El Bulli. The neutral base and large surface area allows you to showcase the aromas and flavors of a good olive oil. The outstanding presentation makes them a great way to start a molecular gastronomy meal.

asparagus and black truffle lolly: el bulli

Bosque-de-bambu. exprimental. elBulli 2007 Ferran Adria

Ferran Adria's spherical balloons of rose water in lychee soup, photo by Francesc Guillamet

Sniffs de fruta de la pasión y café. elBulli 2001 Ferran Adria

Papel de hibisco. elBulli 2006 Ferran Adria

Shubhangi Dhaimade : Title: Ferran Adria, Magazine: VOGUE

Shiso flexia caramel with its own soft candy

Nori-trias: Lightly salted and creamy black sesame paste filling, wrapped into a fragile-crispy nori sheet.

"Cauliflower cous-cous with solid aromatic herb sauce" from Next El Bulli's menu

El Bulli Flowers Paper – A pressed sheet of cotton candy with a colorful bouquet of pressed flowers presented in a folded sheet of Japanese threaded paper. Some of the flowers are pickled, others raw. Adam Goldberg - A Life Worth Eating

El Bulli Frozen sake photo: Adam Goldberg - A Life Worth Eating

El Bulli Mini donuts photo: Adam Goldberg - A Life Worth Eating

El Bulli Coca de Vidre Crystal Cake photo: Adam Goldberg - A Life Worth Eating

El-Bulli Liquid hazelnut porra photo: Adam Goldberg - A life Worth Eating

El Bulli's foam! photo: Francesc Guillamet/el Bulli 2010-03-24 Washington Post

El Bulli 2/11/12

Caviar and Hazelnut - El Bulli

El Bulli's chocolate with wasabi

hot vegetable jelly minestrone with fluffy parmesan truffles from el bulli

El Bulli