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(Amelia Earhart, Ch. 9) on TV personalities Amelia Rose Earhart


Up close with a classic: Springfield M1 Garan MY BABY I WOULD HUNT WITH :-( I MISS IT!!!!!

thompson submachine gun | Tumblr


Gun Safety

Ethereal Rose with a Hodge Defense Systems rifle Built by someone who’s BTDT, Hodge Defense is one of the best kept secrets in the industry.  Hodge has helped major companies such as Magpul and Geissele along the way during the GWOT, and maintains some of the best knowledge and connections in the small arms and special operations community today. HDSI, hand built top tier uppers here: http://bit.ly/HodgeDefense Eotech G33, 3rd Generation Magnifier SureFire, LLC SOCOM Flash ...

Jessie Duff. Possibly the best female shooter in the world.

truck gun safe ... very nice!

"True statement if you don't have a gun to protect yourself!" - or you could clean your gun with holy oil and pray your shot will be dead on ~;^/>

Some of the concealed-carry handguns that women predominantly prefer are the models that are lightweight and easy to shoot, yet extremely accurate and powerful. View some of the best.

How to tell the differences in AK rifles.

"Freedom Blanket" sleep tight America..... TheDailySnafuNews.com "Most talked about no BS news aggregation website"

Proper Firearms Terminology for Beginners

Do you take your gun with you everywhere?

Almost 10% of firearms owned in the United States are owned by women. Dealers report women purchasing over 12% of their guns, and gun store owners report a whopping 73% increase in their female customer base.


Infographic: How does a Winchester Rifle work?

Tactical alphabet

Gun Infographic

Duracoat finish. Extremely tough stuff. For just about any well prepared surface too. It's a little time consuming to do camo patterns but it's not difficult.