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(Amelia Earhart, Ch. 9) on TV personalities Amelia Rose Earhart

NEMO Arms' special build for SHOT Show 2013.

* FirstSpear is a brand created by former U.S. servicemen, they develop enhanced light-weight load carriage solutions for the US Special Forces

repinning bc this could literally save someone's life

Almost 10% of firearms owned in the United States are owned by women. Dealers report women purchasing over 12% of their guns, and gun store owners report a whopping 73% increase in their female customer base.

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Tactical alphabet

Dining Room Table with Secret Compartment for Storing Guns or other Valuables

Gun Infographic

Primary Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit...

If some people would raise their kids right, I wouldn't need a Gun to protect mine! #SecondAmendment

Duracoat finish. Extremely tough stuff. For just about any well prepared surface too. It's a little time consuming to do camo patterns but it's not difficult.

A Soldier and a Veteran

Hand signals illustrated

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