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hard boiled eggs + muffins + fruit + veggies

cute ideas for kid lunches- hope I actually have time to do this sort of thing when Thomas starts school....

Im sorry, I get annoyed when I see things like this... really? 4 slices of cucumber? what are you going to do with the rest? I mean even if you have 4 slices for lunch until its gone you're still going to waste at least half of the cucumber, they don't stay forever you know, especially after you cut it.. Let's be practical in of pinnings shall we?

I bought a book of cute bento lunches and have yet to make them for my kids. Maybe Keiko will get lucky one day after her siblings go to college!

3 Fun School Lunch Ideas! Let's move past the boring ol' PB's and bring fun and nutritious lunches to our kiddos this year! Just in time for Back to School // Happy Food Healthy Life

Fun with Bento Lunches | HomeGrownBeets

How much would your kid die of happiness when he saw this at Age 5 and then die of embarrassment when he saw this at age 13. muahahahahaha....

15 Meatless Lunch Sandwiches That Kids Will Love --This world is really awesome. The woman who make our chocolate think you're awesome, too. Our flavorful chocolate is organic and fair trade certified. We're Peruvian Chocolate. Order some today on Amazon!

another fun kid lunch -- J boy would GO CRAZY -- and I'm all about making him happy crazy for lunch at school this year -- This looks easy peezy.