Bocci lights, so many different cool varieties. Very Cool

for Bocci

Colorful lighting options.

John Pomp

The 14 Series pendant lights from Bocci


Bocci-28-6 designer lighting colourful

Glass lights... I love these

The 14 series pendant is an articulated, seamed cast glass sphere with a frosted cylindrical void that houses either a low voltage (12V, 10Watt xenon) or proprietary and replaceable LED. Individual pendants are visually quite subtle, but gain tremendous strength when multiplied and clustered in large groups. Light interacts with the bubbles and imperfections of the cast glass to produce a glow reminiscent of small candles floating within spheres of water.

Awesome bamboo pendants! Love the organic shapes of these feature lights!

pendant wired lamp • something from us

lights in lantern!

Colorful mid century chandelier

Enzo Catellani

Bocci’s 38 series by Omer Arbel

Series 14 Bocci

turquoise chandelier

Curiousa & Curiousa

Infinity Cluster, John Pomp Studios

Pendant lights