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ha...never gonna happen. but it is a SWEET indoor pool an indoor lazy river!

An antique desk is the center of attention in this stunning home office. More home office inspiration:

Reading nook at l’Hotel du Petit Moulin. This wouldn't be that difficult with a pre-existing nook and some fancy molding.

Cozy window nook-great for reading! I've seen the pins with closet reading nooks, which are great, but I just love reading in natural light. Maybe it's because it helps me stay awake :) but also it just puts me in a good mood.

These shelves are awesome, I love when the shelves disappear against the walls and only the color of the stuff ON the shelves is what really catches your eye. Seems to me its less "great shelves" and more "great stuff!"

Beautiful Ivory and Aqua. How or WHO can I find to do these for my girl?!!). I need a curtain maker...LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!!

I want this bathroom so much I'm having fantasies about my bathroom and a sledgehammer

I was sent an Umbra Skylinenofollow Desk Organiser and hoped that this would keep my desk clear of pens as they would now be in their own li...

I love this door. I like the color, but I think red, royal blue, or even a deep purple would be pretty. The curved entryway is amazing.