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  • Melissa Taylor

    Just Like Dad Candy Cigarettes. I didn't know they still made these. I remember them from when I was a kid. As an adult I see it's a HORRIBLE idea though.

  • paperpixel

    #candy #cigarettes #sweet #sugar #grownups #childhood #memories

  • Nell Watson

    HA! Candy Cigarettes! I remember these! ~ I loved these! I wonder how many kids started smoking the real thing because of these...

  • Koko 27

    Just another reason why we retro kids were bad-asses. Protect us from smoke? Oh hell no! Adults were training us to imitate them. Someone else wrote:"Candy Cigarettes and I've never smoked the real ones."

  • Edmundo Cruz

    80s food - Candy Cigarettes. My favorite was the 'puff' you could do in the beginning to blow out some candy dust like real smoke. Gosh if these things were around today...just imagine the lawsuits.

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We had these EVERY Christmas at my Grandma and Grandpas. The peanut shaped/flavored were my favorite.

Jaw Breakers...a part of the 1970s movie experience....right along with a giant pickle!

Remember these?! Fruit-flavored candy sugar in fruit-shaped bottles. I used to LOVE these!

...well, not ALL 8 flavors are delicious--the chocolate and licorice flavors can take a hike, but those purple clove ones? NOW those are worth buying the whole pack for. I still buy these every year to put in the kids' shoes on New Year's Eve (what? Santy Bogus doesn't come to your house on New Year's Eve and leave candy in the shoes by the fireplace? This must be a southern mountain thing.)

My Daddy wasn't a carpenter by trade, but he was good at building and repairing things and he always used one of these rulers. I still have it.

Oh Tart n Tinys where have you gone? I may never get a chance to beat my tiny candy stacking record again... Sigh.

UK - Chupa Chups - Melody Pops - candy - November 2011 by JasonLiebig, via Flickr

Return to the 70s. This is what we had. Our kids have tiny iPods instead. Never could have imagined that!

If I had to go on an errand with my mom or dad, getting gum from the "gumball" machine made the trip worthwhile for me! Impeccable Working Vintage Gumball Machine by Jorisna on Etsy, $215.00

Label Maker. I still have my dad's and all the unused tape from the 70s

Haha I remember these!! Can't remember what they were called but it was basically a fruit shaped container filled with flavored sugar. haha...super healthy