5x7 photos, painted wooden boards, mod podge, ribbon. I'm so doing this!

how to transfer photo to wood

DIY Wood Picture Blocks, easy mod podge, wood and ribbon - SohoSonnet Creative Living

DIY Canvas Art: Huge Impact, Low, Low, Low Cost. Christmas gift ideas anyone?

home decor idea

Turn photos into art - I just paid a lot of money to have this done. Wish I would have known it was so easy! Excited to try this!

DIY Wooden photo blocks

mod podge photo transfer.

Photo blocks!

Spiders hate peppermint! Put some peppermint oil in a squirt bottle with a little water and spray your garage and all door frames. - interesting!I knew it helped keep mice away but i didnt know it worked for spiders too, ill have to try it # Pin++ for Pinterest # great-ideas

Glass block, river rocks and a framed picture inside. This would be an awesome wall/photo of blocks with sand and sea shells from trips!

organization website

Battery dispenser - I need to make this!! Oh my!

Coffee table made from crates! Crates sold at Michaels.

A Little Bit of This, That, and Everything: Pallet Project - Simple Pallet Flag

One of the many things I would like to do. Using Scrapbook paper on a clipboard using Mod Podge paste.

DIY Just fabric, styrofoam and staples! so simple. so pretty.

Pictures instead of tags... must remember for Christmas!

diy centerpiece idea (enamel painted glass)

hang curtains from the ceiling... to avoid measuring, also makes ceilings look really high

35 Money-Saving Home Decor Knock-Offs. DIY Home decor. Cheaper. Love it.