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Pixar’s The Avengers.hahahaha! Hawk eye is the guy with the THUMB!XD And Charles Munts is iron man!

Megan Logic: Watched Avengers for the first time last night. Immediately start pinning Avengers things. Yeah, I kinda loved that movie.... a lot....

funny celebrity pictures - The Marvel Superhero/Disney Hybrids

I like this one for Carl Fredrickson "Don't make me cranky, you wouldn't like me when I'm cranky."

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Avengers Sitcom We asked for a sitcom about the Avengers, and we got an action drama about SHIELD. So close, but not the same.

Watched Avengers again yesterday... this is all super true

Chris Evans IS Captain America. Proof that the nerdiest movies are made by nerds.

This is probably my favorite mean girls crossover ever!!!

Hah. I'd have used a higher stitch count though. At least 28 or something. And linen. Though, Cap's a straight up sort of guy. I guess he deserves an even weave.

Marvel grows its actors on a big talent farm. Chris Evans helping clean up will forever be one of my favorite things♥