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laughing for no reason. Everytime I am with my friends. ( sometimes alone too, hahaa) Status: SUPER DONE

I apologize for things that aren't my fault. | And that's who I am #andthatswhoiam // That's my little Fact #thatsmylittlefact

Just girly stuff quotes " Laughing about everything without having any reasons " I do this ALLL the time!

Little reasons to smile. #INFJ #MeyersBriggs #Introvert #iNtuition #Feeling #Judging

Of course I am. I have a life of hurt, a life of joy, a life in progress. Some people get me. Some don't. Oh well. That's how it is. I can't change it. Why would I try.

Everyday, me and my best friend, see each other and just know that the other person needs a hug

Yeah, sometimes. Because I don't present myself very well to other people. My life is mostly lived out in my head, and what comes out of my mouth is only half of what I think and am. #truth ✌