Somewhere out there


this hamster's so cute!tt ora t stanno abbandando...nn c credo nemmeno io



Hammy the Hamster

pas plus gros qu'un hamster ^^

Zoey the Hamster prepares to make a recipe from my new book Hello Jell-O!


Young hedgehog

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Tips on how to train your hamster to like you.

CUTE ~ a mouse in a sweater. i repeat, a mouse in a sweater. * * YEAH BUT.... THIS IS A RUSSIAN DWARF HAMSTER.

Aww, Cutee

I need this!!! To those who think so, it's not spoiled, it's natural but predator-free. Perfect mouse/gerbil/hamster home. The moss looks wonderful. Big nice hamster home.


cheez-it plz

Here I am - what a great face.

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I die of cuteness.