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    Red Cage Fungus (genus - clathrus) AKA, Latticed Stinkhorn

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    • Amanda Urquiza

      Clathrus ruber: commonly known as the latticed stinkhorn, the basket stinkhorn, or the red cage. It feeds off decaying woody plant material.

    • Kay Hartman

      ✿ Red Cage Fungus looks like a buckyball ~ Also known as Red Basket or Cage Fungi. The Phallaceae, or stinkhorns, are a family of basidiomycetes which produce a foul-scented, phallus-shaped mushroom. ✿

    • Anatoli Grimalschi

      Clathrus ruber is a fungus in the stinkhorn family. The name is derived from Greek κλειθρον or "lattice", and the specific epithet is Latin ruber, meaning "red". The mushroom is commonly known as the "basket stinkhorn", the "lattice stinkhorn", or the "red cage". It was known to the locals of the Adriatic hinterland as "witch's heart".

    • Inspiration Green

      Red Cage Fungus. The fungus is saprobic, feeding off decaying woody plant material, and is usually found alone or in groups in leaf litter on garden soil, grassy places, or on wood chip garden mulches. It is poisonous.

    • Carson Cryar

      Clathrus ruber the Red Cage Fungus with a characteristic structure of open pentagonal frames. image by: Carol Knudsen

    • BradleyJ. Nicholls

      Red Cage Fungus (Clathrus ruber) / Yes, it is real. And yes, bizarrely, it is completely natural. It's edibility has not been officially documented, however similar funghi in their egg forms are considered delicacies in some parts of Europe and Asia. This being said, an 1854 report provides a cautionary tale to those considering consuming the mature fruit body. Dr. F. Peyre Porcher, of Charleston, South Carolina, described an account of poisoning caused by the mushroom: "A young pe...

    • Daniel Aguilar

      tiny-forest: Red cage fungus mushroom blog  ED: Looks like a buckyball!

    • Dylan Branson

      Whaaaaaaat? Nature is amazing. Red Cage Fungus by Carol Knudsen

    • Julia Woodthorpe

      Red Cage Fungus photo by: Carol Knudsen

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    This mushroom is awesome!! Cyttaria gunnii- saw these in Tierra del Fuego -Would be cool as a lamp shade...