Beyond The View by Helen Sear

zander olsen. line.

Love double exposures

Close your eyes, then you will find the way. ~ from a Puyallup Indian myth

miaz brothers - acrylic paintings

My Home is the Sea, a digital collage by Matt Wisnieski

#nature #woman #art #waterfall

Embroidered photo I wonder what their theme was. Maybe like the opposite of "no strings attached"?

jennifer sanchez at 20x200.

Double Exposure Portraits of Animals Reflecting Their Habitat by Andreas Lie.

Google Image Result for (cat,woman,shadow reflection,blue hair)


Matt Wisniewski.

hollie chastain

binka rigava


david samuel stern - weaved photographs

Willard Leroy Metcalf - The Poppy Field

Jarek Puczel.

amira fritz