The most awkward family photo I've ever seen.. lol... Ever. Can't stop laughing.

oh so classy...

When engagement photos go utterly wrong lol please just go look at the rest. HA HA!!!.

this is the best pregnancy announcement I have ever seen.

I know who I'd rather be raised by.

The awkward moment when you find out Titanic was filmed in a plastic pool. NOOOOO!

Soap for Awkward Moments

16 Most Awkward Mother’s Day Photos - Everyone loves their mom, but some people have rather odd ways of showing it. We've found some of the most embarrassingly awkward Mother's Day photos that have ever existed.

Bad Picture Day (lol why for the second pic)

HAHAHAHHA Kardashians awkward family photo. Why isnt this more popular?!


Autocorrect Fails.. hahaha



Probably the best selfie I've ever seen