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  • Vanessa Taylor

    "Hi, I'm Chandler...Could I BE wearing any more clothes? It's kind of warm in here, I better not do any, I don't know, LUNGES" "The One Where No One's Ready" Best Friends episode!

  • Jessica Howard

    Look at me! I'm Chandler! Could I BE wearing any more clothes?? Maybe if I wasn't going COMMANDO!! I probably shouldn't do any, I don't know.... LUNGES!! MY FAVORITE EPISODE EVER!

  • Leanna

    One of my top favorite episodes of friends..."I'm Chandler, could I be wearing anymore clothes? Man it's really hot in here, good thing I'm going commando. Wouldn't want me to do any...lungs!" lmfao!!!!!!

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Purely for the picture frame over the peephole. Forgot about this and doing it this wknd!

"Get up! Get Up! Get Up!" "What is that noise?" -Rachel "You!" -Chandler

Oh, Chandler.< every single time someone says Chandler, I hear Janice in my head :)

Seriously... they will never make a show that compares to Friends!

This is only funny b/c my dad comes home with groceries and says "Pleh! Pleh!"

lol I miss FRIENDS so much!!!

When they helped each other self-reflect. | 25 Moments When Joey And Chandler Won At Friendship

Could I BE wearing anymore clothes?!? Favorite friends moment. Ever.

"Look at me--I'm Chandler! Could I BE wearing any more clothes?"