Harry Potter in 99 Seconds

When they thought that maybe Harry wasn’t actually very smart.

Funny, exactly what I think when i am trying to decide what to read next ...

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Harry Potter theme with glasses. Unreal. AMAZING!

22 Signs You Are A Harry Potter Super-Fan


good thing twilight wasn't my childhood series.

<3 Luna.

Harry Potter ecard. Teehee.

Harry Potter extra clip

Harry Potter.


Hilarious deleted scene of Trelawney. First time I saw this, I laughed my butt off. And I still am!

How Harry Potter Should Have Ended. Awesome.#ihatejamespotter #snapeforever

50 Greatest Harry Potter Moments _ Awesome geekiness !

Harry Potter humor

Harry Potter

Harry potter humor hahah

Harry Potter humor. :)

Harry Potter/ Lion King. Bahaha