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What's the one thing that is worse than being friendzoned? It's being momozoned! XD

With all the undercover travel they had to do, it's really a surprise that Aang never had a suitable disguise handy.

Avatar Aang getting his airbending tattoos. I don't know why but I think this is so beautiful

No one can compare with the power of beards!

Avatar: the Legend of Korra / Aww, Aang would totally do something like this for his little granddaughter! (Those mischievous airbenders...)

Avatar meets Teen Titans - The exchange between Beast Boy and Aang makes me laugh so hard. XD @Megan Ward

Avatar: The Last Airbender- Aang and Momo. He could teach me to bend elements any day ♥

Poor Cabbage Man. (As a side note: props to LoK for including the poor guy in their series as well!)

Surpass me Korra by *elsevilla (this is so awesome)