• Nina Kristine

    Princess Dagmar, ca. 1860s. Hair not parted in the center.

  • Zuzana Pollacková

    Empress Maria Feodorovna of Russia when she was still Princess Dagmar of Denmark. She became the wife of Tsar Alexander III and the mother of the ill-fated last Tsar Nicholas II.

  • Molly L

    Civil War era

  • Spencer Yang

    1866 Dagmar wearing evening dress. Maria Feodorovna (26 November 1847 – 13 October 1928), christened Dagmar, was a Danish princess who became Empress of Russia as spouse of Emperor Alexander III.

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American Civil War Blue Print Dress

American Civil War Blue Print Dress

1860s silk striped dress, blue horizontal stripes alternating with brown and beige double patterned stripe. Sleeve cap w navy and rust fringe. Bodice lined with cotton; 5 stays in the front .Closure is inner cotton tab with hooks and regular eye hooks down the front. Pagoda sleeves lined in tan cotton w last 5 inches lined in blue silk. Bodice joined to skirt with cartridge pleating. 12 inch tan cotton lining at hemline, pocket in one side seam. Skirt approx 130 inches.

Dress, 1850-60 From the Museum Rotterdam

~1860s gown from the Susan Green Historic Clothing Collection at the John L Wehle Gallery~

Grace Maude and Clementina Maude, c. 1863-64. Clementina, Lady Hawarden (British, 1822-65). Albumen silver print. Museum of Modern Art, New York.

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(animated stereo) Civil War era Independence Day picnic, 1862 by Thiophene_Guy, via Flickr

English Into French: A Book of Practice in French Conversation,designed to ... - Francis Stanton Williams - Google Books. 1862. Vocabulary V, dress and fashion terms. Very helpful for understanding fashion plates and magazine descriptions.

China doll, woman, tan print dress, Germany, 1850-1863. Wisconsin Historical Society, 1945.144. "Woman; porcelain china head, molded; black painted molded hair with center part and low molded curls; blue painted eyes... wears handmade cotton brown and white printed dress; faded lavender print flowered apron with three blue and white striped bows at right side, and rick-rack trim at hem."

Presentiments by Emily Mary Osborn 1859. Daughter and baby are wearing pinafores.

Occupation: Ballet dancer standing in the third position.

Wedding portrait of James Alexander Henderson and Virginia Lafayette Royall, ca. 1859.

Fabulous Antique French Lady's Travel Companion With Two Perfume Bottles c.1860 | eBay LabeL: Maison Alph: Giroux/Paris. 8 inches in length when closed.

sewing kit.


ca. 1860 Bag (Carpetbag)

1860 Linen Chemise, Met Museum

Chemise c. 1863

Sheer wrapper, c. 1860s.

I'm pretty sure this is an early example of photo manipulation. This looks like someone took a CDV of a woman wearing a short-sleeve open-necked bodice, and laid over it an image of cage and drawers. That's certainly not a corset she's wearing; it's a swiss waist. Her hand disappears, the angles of the hoop are awkward, and the drawers are all out of proportion to the rest of her body. The awkward cropping certainly isn't original. Any thoughts? ETA: Source is "The Granger Collection."

“Jenny Lind” fan American or European, mid-19th century Tan colored cloth decorated with sequins, carved and gilded wooden guards and sticks Gift of Dr. Lotar and Luanna Stahlecker, KSUM 2004.31.18

"Here for your perusal is an original photograph of Miss Combs. It was created between 1855 and 1865. The photograph illustrates Miss Combs. We have compiled this collection of photographs mainly to serve as a valuable educational resource. Contact mailto:curator@ol.... Image ID# AB345100" By Matthew Brady. [Possibly a theatrical costume, in my humble opinion. I don't recall ever seeing a waistline like that on a dress in the 1860s.]

Chemisette - mid 19th century