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  • Abbey Crouch

    Gutter berries! Here's an interesting way to grow strawberries, fill an old rain gutter with soil, plant the berries harvest them as the overhang. Much easier than crawling through Rows of berries on the ground and you won't need straw between the rows! More Gardening Ideas here:

  • Donna Dick Connor

    hanging strawberry garden; grow strawberries from elevated rain gutters.

  • Taryn Heiner

    What a great idea ~ Google "growing strawberries in rain gutter" to see sights with directions ~ this is just a photo, but I LOVE the idea! (seeing this gave me an idea of how to use the space in my backyard for gardening that I can't put plants directly on.)

  • Hailey May

    Grow #strawberries in rain #gutters! #gardening #garden #planting #fruits

  • Sharon Konczak-Weatherhead

    bonus idea: Recycled rain gutters = elevated strawberry planters. (a) Reminds me of that song: "I'm in heaven, this is heaven..." Yumm... (b) Growing strawberries a couple feet off the ground keeps them safe from slugs snails (which will love to munch on 'em if given the opportunity)

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Grow Your Own Gutter Strawberries - @Debbie Phillips, I like this version a lot with the same similar method as the one you liked. Could do on the side of a shed!

Grow strawberries in gutters. This is brilliant! Keeps the berries off the ground and away from bunnies and neighborhood children!

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How to Grow Strawberries in Rain Gutters:... you can convert a piece of rain gutter into a planter to grow your own strawberries. You can mount these planters on a deck rail or mount several to the side of your house or shed to grow the plants vertically.

Probably the most expensive strawberry in the word, Hatsukoi no kaori [the scent of First Love]. The Japanese are mainly using this fruit as presents for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, and births.

Growing strawberries (Or any plants!) from a gutter hung on the fence