The only animal that appears both kindly retiring and possibly a supervillain simultaneously.

The smallest of all the otter species, the Asian Small-Clawed Otter weighs less than 50 grams at birth. They’re also born toothless, blind and nearly immobile, making them completely dependent on their mothers.

There is a whole photo album dedicated to this cutie.

These otters prove just how adorable nap time is

Otter - loutre

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Otters are my favorite attraction at the zoo---I could sit and watch them for hours! :)

Baby Otters

Interesting article! I didn't know otters are vicious!! This one is gentle. She just drowns her stuffed animals. Lol

LOOK AT HER! | These Pictures Of Baby Otters Are Just Too Cute

the daily otter

mommy and baby sea otter

OMG Otter Babies!!!!! I think my brain froze up from all the cuteness.

Yes, little otter, that wooden platform makes a good chin rest - December 26, 2014

Baby Otters | LOOK at those faces!!!

Sea otters, despite legal protections, continue to face suffering and extinction from environmental pollution and hunting at the hands of ignorant and cruel human beings. Stop them from dying from oil spills and the worst of humanity here:

Now tell me that's not cute. <333 baby otters

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Omg I need this squishy baby

Otter holding her baby