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Explore 17 Posing, Posing Women Boudoir, and more!

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99 Common Photography Problems (and how to solve them)

How to set up your camera for macro flower photography. Cool Tip: use a wooden skewer or tent peg to stabilize the stem of the flower.

Boudoir Photography tutorial: five top-selling images & quick posing tips Posing women in boudoir portraits is both an art form and a learned skill. Women are by nature sensitive about perceived body flaws. Expert posing aimed at highlighting her favorite features (and downplaying others) can make or break her experience and love of her photos—and ultimately your…


Digital cameras buying guide

These days, you can use your mobile phone to take basic snapshots. So why buy a digital camera? In this article, we’ll highlight some of the useful high-tech features and shooting modes offered by contemporary digital cameras, and help you decide which options will make a big difference when you need more flexibility and higher image quality than a mobile device can provide.

Head and Shoulders. Depending upon the subject’s build, hair, and facial shape, several poses can be used for girls’ head-and-shoulders portraits. However, tipping the shoulders and tilting the head toward the higher shoulder is always the most feminine look.