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The Eleventh Doctor by Claire Hummel

The doctor, fish-fingers, and custard. How is it possible for this much yum and ew to exist in one place?

Fish-Fingers-and-Custard...It takes a special kind of time traveler to enjoy fish sticks and custard together, but when you make cookies that look like fish sticks, it's a whole different story.

"Every time we flew away with the Doctor, we’d just become part of his life. But he never stood still long enough to become part of ours. Except once. The year of the slow invasion. The time the Doctor came to stay." -The Power of Three

The moral of the story is watch Doctor Who. You'll make friends and meet your soul mate.

SO DO I!! I was strawberry blonde when I was born, but it's gone now. Now I am just plain blonde. Doctor Who made me realise how awesome ginger people are! I had nothing against them before, but now I REALLY wish I was one... Of course my siblings think I am insane... My friend is with me, though... She is a whovian, too! :)

Inspired by the bizarre dish from Doctor Who, except instead of fish fingers and custard it's cookies and pudding. This seems far preferable since I despise fish.

Sneaky Fish Fingers and Custard Cookie cups (no fish, but they sure look great.)

The Story Behind This “Doctor Who” Scene Will Make You Tear Up. OH gosh, feels. Feels. SO many feels. Wilfred is my favorite, and this just.. I can't.

Dear kids, These little finger puppets are the perfect way for your Mommy and me to introduce you to the Doctor. Dontcha think? Love, Aunt Abby