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DIY Cupid's Arrow Cupcake I used the template and made my arrow from a 1.5" heart punch of red decorative paper for the tip (arrow head), striped paper drinking straws from the craft store for the shaft (middle) and chevron gold striped decorative paper for the feather end.

Arrow Heads 1 Pattern clip art

Amazing logo (Neil Tasker)

five arrows pillow

A diamond and emerald arrow brooch, the calibré emerald stem with pavé diamond arrow-head and diamond flights, circa 1925.

I put a pink arrow head in Robin's hands. She was buried with it. My reasons were private and filled with a belief in the afterlife. they say that flint connects us to our lost loved ones. I didn't learn that information until a few years after her passing from this Earth life...and it was then that I understood why I put that arrowhead in her sweet hands. Sometimes the Angels whisper so silently that we don't hear them..we are simply prompted .

i want this but the "faith" elongated and the arrow head solid, and the end with three triangles instead of tuff.

Arrow heads were an essential part of Cherokee life. The Spanish explores said that a Cherokee arrow could pierce a horse from hind quarters to heart. It was not because the now was that strong but the arrow head was that sharp. Most knapper stone blades are sharper than a surgeons scalpel.

Cheaha State Park Arrow Head Museum

DIY arrows with dowel rods, feathers, embroidery floss, wooden arrow heads and glue!

Preliminary sketch for my buddies future tattoo.  The arrow head can change, the feather can be removed or placed behind the arrow, and the skin protrusion can be removed along with the blood.

Arrow head

Art MillerWLOS ABC 13 3 hours ago I thought this would be an interesting story...I live in Robbinsville and cutting wood today for firewood ..I found an arrow head in the middle of the log...After counting the growth rings I determined it was approximately 1958 when the arrow was shot into the tree..

My father in-law is an avid arrow head hunter. This was a fun project. I used non-glare plexi-glass.

first arrow head i ever found looked just like this but was black (dovetail) i had been in the field for hours with my dad and when i found it i was so excited, even though it wasnt even as long as my pinky. i was probably about dad still has it framed!

Instant Glam™ home decor applications - pillows taken to the next level with our crystal rocks Tuscany collection - shapes used: quatro crystal Bermuda blue, arrow head silver shade on black film and crystal golden shadow rectangle. Instant luxury brought to your living room by Instant Glam™.

My first obsidian arrow head. Word to the wise before buying a book on the subject just watch YouTube. I learned more in 10 minutes watching technique that 3 hours of reading and re-reading text

METAL HEADS — WINGED ARROW | $150 - I would love this in my living room kitchen area. Gorgeous.

Table Setting Head Over Heels For: Arrows

making arrows . . . for the boys

arrow scarf from @Origami Owl - Sara Jensen, Independent Designer #39697 on today!

Gold dipped Arrow heads handmade by All Washed Up Jewelry on the Outer Banks of North Carolina by Ashley Rawls Www.allwashedupje...

alisaburke: driftwood arrows