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Two cats sleeping!!  So cute!

Do you know a creature more Zen than a cat? For cats any time is nap time and they've got this remarkable ability to sleep at the most impossible places and in

For An Emergency Stash Of Cuteness…

Funny pictures about The new and improved pocket kitty. Oh, and cool pics about The new and improved pocket kitty. Also, The new and improved pocket kitty.

Kitten in a pot of milk, 1940, by Nina Leen for LIFE

Photographer Spotlight: Nina Leen

Kitten in a Pot of Milk, LIFE The caption read: "She is dripping wet -- and wiser." Nina Leen was a reknowned wildlife photographer who became the first female fashion photographer for LIFE.

Best way to prank on your sleeping cat, by far, is to cover him or her with dinosaurs. A picture made for the internet. RAWR.

Funny pictures about Dinosaur Attack. Oh, and cool pics about Dinosaur Attack. Also, Dinosaur Attack photos.

Attack of the cute: Versus.

Mama cat with her baby kitten. Can anything else be any sweeter than a mother's love?