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1968 Ford Bronco by Kindig It Design

Bronco, R.I.P. GLENN MOORE, I'll never forget the gold bronco.

Bronco; wondering if it is one car you can use in three different ways, or if it are three different models of the same car...

Not lying when I say that a Bronco would be my IDEAL/PERFECT vehicle. Then again, I'm a weirdo... LOVE THIS!

Ford Bronco, Me and a friend ended up upside down after driving into a Sand Bowl at Pismo beach, we drove it home then took the part from one and created another even better one. Without a windscreen or top of coarse. The California highway patrol pulled us over checked it out & didn't make us tow it home. Because it drove fine and we had sunglasses

Now that's what I'm talking about. The ultimate ride that I will someday own. Classic Ford Bronco.

Had a ball with a red one. It lasted 2 weeks. I jumped it and did all the stuff on advertizing commercials. Fun but it bent the fenders, broke off the exhaust and broke the brake lines ;-)

I have a '76 Ford Bronco sitting in my driveway waiting for the day we can bring it back to life. It'll happen!