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  • Michel Reese

    How to Clean Bath Toys! Like that she glued the holes shut on the bath toys to prevent mold growing inside them.

  • Shannon Mathias

    Cleaning ideas

  • Kendra Hartigan

    How & Why to Clean Bath Toys. Use hot glue gun and glue holes shut on toys so water can't get in! Brilliant- no more mold in toys!!!

  • Danielle Johnston

    How & Why to Clean Bath Toys (glue holes on squeaky toys to prevent mold from forming inside toy / clean toys in vinegar bath)

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Glue bath toy openings to prevent mold from getting inside and you from having to clean them.

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Cleaning the yucks out of bath toys Take a large pail and dump a half cup of vinegar in with a gallon of water (double the vinegar and water if you have a large batch of bath toys). With gloves on, immerse the toys in the mixture, squeezing them to expell out any bacteria and mildew, as well as to get the vinegar mixture inside, then let soak for 15 or so minutes. Repeat if they are really gross!Â

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BATH TOYS. I'm so sad. I just threw out some bath toys from the "Beauty and the Beast" movie. Mrs. Pots didn't have a way to clean her insides. I kept imagining the black mildew growing inside the toy my grandchildren were playing with. Sure enough, I found this and it's too late for them. {:o(

Glue up holes in bath toys so water can't get in there and mold - duh, why didn't I think of that?!