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Banana Egg Rolls w/ Chocolate Sauce

by Mellissa Sevigny
Many, many, maaaany years ago, to celebrate our high school graduation a girlfriend and I went to Disney in Orlando, FL. We were there for two weeks on a tight budget and it was the first time for both of us so we wanted to see everything. Because we were so broke, we weren’t eating...Read More »
  • Jaycee Bignold

    Peanut butter banana Egg Rolls with Chocolate Sauce.

  • Michelle Dibrito

    Fried Banana Egg Rolls With Chocolate Sauce

  • Erin McCord

    Banana Egg Rolls w/ Chocolate Sauce Drizzle ~ Lay egg roll wrappers on counter & spread peanut or almond butter & place half the banana inside. Roll the wrapper over the banana once & fold in the sides, (like making an egg roll) & wet the edges and roll it the rest of the way. Fry it in hot oil just long enough to get golden but not long enough for the banana to get mushy--maybe 2 minutes. Chocolate Sauce recipe is also w link. ~ Enjoy! ~

  • Lori Cramer

    Banana Egg Roll with chocolate dipping sauce

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