Every time we have asparagus this conversation is had LOL Too funny and so true at the same time!

Funny memes - Taco Bell doesn't have a playground |

Taco Bell doesn’t have a Playground. because it’s hard to have fun when you might shit your pants!

Donald Trump would deport this joke


Funny Pictures Of The Day – 90 Pics - I Hear your mom quit her job

Do this to Matthew and tell me what he says.

LMFAO I'm totally going to do this to my Husband! Since he takes forever in the bathroom.

Without kids|With kids

This is why i don't call vacations vacations anymore, they are family experiences. Nothing is a vacation with two small kids. A Beach Vacation Without Your Kids vs. With Your Kids

Snozberry! Who ever heard of a snozberry?

Otter loves glass…

Funny pictures about Otter loves glass. Oh, and cool pics about Otter loves glass. Also, Otter loves glass.

Now I know why Trevor can only love me so much.  I keep hoping his arms will grow.

I Love You This Much. (poor T-Rex with those teeny little arms!) Just realized T-Rex never got to lick his fingers after eating ribs. Awwwwwww :/ (j/k) ;

Interesting, but I'm more intrigued by the fact the guy is somehow holding a coffee cup with one toe...

It’s really something to think about…

Is it summer yet?

20 Signs You Are "SO Done" With This Semester

"Netflix: gives you 15 seconds between episodes to decide if you're doing anything with your life today." or if I'm going to bed at a reasonable hour tonight.

More like its late, time to keep doing homework. Grad school.

this was my life before having a kid! Oh the joys of being a night person. And it takes months to get on a normal sleep schedule, but just one day of going to bed late and you fall right back into being awake all night! Story of my life.

haha! i used to send my friends a very similar text when i was single & dating... i never accidentally sent it to my date though :\

I love when texts are sent to the wrong person.just not when I send a text to the wrong person lol

when i hear stop - Google Search

When someone yells stop, I don't know if it's in the name of love, it's hammer time or if I should collaborate and listen. Funny saying / music humor

Teacher Memes | spanishplans

It would make more sense…

Never saw either movies, but I'm guessing Biggest Loser has something to do with fighting for food. lol, that's what I thought the Hunger Games was about until I was told I was wrong xD

Food Geometry - Damn! LOL

The Classic Food Pyramid, the Weight Loss Trapezoid, and the Happiness Paper Hat.- im totally the paper hat! :D


Funny pictures about Shark Week. Oh, and cool pics about Shark Week. Also, Shark Week photos.