List of age appropriate chores for kids starting at age 2

Age-appropriate chores for kids

25 manners by age 9: #8 When asked, tell some one how you are AND THEN ASK THEM. The hardest one for a kid, in my opinion.

Even now at age 14!!!!

7 Ways to Teach Kids Good Work Ethic While They are Young

Age Appropriate Chores for children

Do you make this mistake at the dinner table with your kids? Click thru to find out and if so, how to stop.

Parent or not. Everyone should read this...

Tuesdays Top 10 - Manners Your Kid Should Know By Age 5

Little man! #Nordstrom #kids $18

summer fun!

This chart is an easy way to keep up with your kids baby teeth. Now you'll know when they're expected to come in and become loose!

MUST PIN for both parents and/or teachers --- Life Skills - what kids should be able to do for themselves by age. Great list to reference. Lots of other great stuff on her site too!

Chores by age

I really liked this list (a reminder that kids can do more)

10 Things You Should Never Say to Your Child About Food. This is actually so smart. Love the reasoning.

Punch-Cards, 10 cents per chore. Payday at end of week...great idea on how to teach kids the importance of earning things!

kids chores for money

This is the Uh-Oh chore jar. When they are misbehaving, tattling, or whiney they must choose a chore out of the jar.