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A few selected readers have received an ultra-personalised cover of this months Wired magazine (UK edition). Wired digged up some personal information on the web of each person and printed this on their own personalised cover. Wired's statement: "...many of us are unaware how data we post only for social reasons can later be used for other purposes"

They是當代文學與藝術之間的對話。這份來自洛杉磯的双人刊物,圍繞著一個共通的思想主軸,邀請同樣独特的作者,以此為中心發聲。你可以說這是一本 平面設計強烈的文學刊物,抑或是,一本文學色彩濃厚的設計雜誌,渾然天成。