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Celestite - Madagascar Calm the emotions, attract healing guides and connect to Archangel Michael. #onlinecrystalhealingcourses #crystalhealing #ArchangelMichael

Shattuckite A highly spiritual stone, protective, and good for channeling. Is said to be helpful for diabetes. Brings strength and courage. Shattuckite stimulates and combines the energies of the throat chakra and the third eye bringing them into harmony and alignment. It helps one to maintain a strong contact when channeling information and energy. The energy is deep and soothing, providing a strong connection between the you and the work you are doing.

SEASONAL – SPRING – a time for blossoms and colorful flowers to make an appearance, the cycle of renewal and rebirth among nature continues.

Ametrine is a combination of amethyst and citrine. It has the healing powers of both stones. Ametrine's healing energy releases negativity from within the aura... and it aids weight loss and helps you to release your addictions. If are studying, the Citrine energy within this stone helps you to stay focused... as well as using the Amethyst vibration within it... the higher energies of the crown chakra.... for inspiration.