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Honestly, what doesn't look better on burlap? Nothing. That's why we include a burlap runner in every full party box you buy.

OH MY DEAR LORD!!! I need these in my life!!!!!!!!!!! {Tattoo Boxing Gloves by Sara Antoinette Martin}

from An Affair from the Heart

Bacon Cheeseburger Meatballs

I love this idea for a 4th of July cookout! Could even make them into tomato-mozarella ball skewers to resemble the stripes on our flag...

But I think of you as I hit it. And it helps. Alot. So thanks for being good for something. #exboss

People say those who fight the most belong together. I believe the more you fight is when you need to learn to let go. Who wants to live life fighting? Set an example for our kids (your kids) to stop the cycle. Learn to let go when nothing changes. Life is to precious to waste it on petty stuff. Be with someone whom you can live life with less fighting/drama.. Trust me... It's such a huge relief even if it means being alone for while. Know your worth ❤️