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Mary Poppins' umbrella... why don't they sell these at regular stores. I haven't even seen one at Disneyland or I would already own one.

Mr. Tea Infuser — so cute Jess Pearl Liu Gordon

The Herb Chop Block, $25 | 28 Practical Yet Clever Gifts That Are Anything But Lame

Skull Key - comes blank so you can get them made / by Statkey. $6 want one for the house key :D

welcome connect design - $5 for each pen, adding up to a potted plant that finally won't die because you forgot to water it. Not bad!

PLAYMOBILIA by Tania da Cruz Design | ombiaiinterijeri

So.. you've got your house or business building roof sorted out in a sustainable green way already? Up next: Cool Solar Panel Tent Concept :-)

Princess Tina - Decorative Tooth T-shirt (Black)