Common Photo Editing Mistakes in Photoshop and How to Fix Them. Click pin to see several more! Shown here - over-smoothed fake plastic skin

lotsa of editing tips n reminders. Common Photo Editing Mistakes and How To Fix Them- this is SO good! Hit every good point

Common Photo Editing Mistakes and How to Fix Them plus Part I – General Photography Tips Part II – Photography Lighting Tips Part III – Photography Posing Tips

I haven't checked the actual web-site as I don't use Photoshop, but I love the effect and can see me using this myself. Where I pinned it from said "How to Create a "Double Exposure" in Photoshop — Daily Epiphanie"

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Photoshop tutorials, tips and news The site is fully on auto-pilot and updates all by itself at the time interval you specify. All the best tutorials, tips and lessons! Photoshop is a hugely popular software receiving over 50 million searches/month!

The Top 15 Photography Tutorials from 2015

This video will show you my basic edit, plus you'll learn how to tweak the HSL panel to get glowing skin and remove green shadows in just a few clicks.

Common Photo Editing Mistakes and How To Fix Them. I& pretty sure of the wedding photography I see suffers from at least one of these problems.

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Enhancing Eyes in Photoshop by ~Kizzuh on deviantART want to turn your photos into fantasy art work - these eyes might do that