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I remember waiting (for what seemed like an hour to me) for Daddy to ask Mommy if we can get the puppy. He was so cute, and he gave me kisses, and I love him. I hope Daddy remembers to tell her he is FREE. What is taking so long....? He really is for FREE. Maybe I will go in and say I have to go to the bathroom. Then I can listen to what's going on...I'll wait another couple of minutes first...

Box + Crayons = a quiet activity for a Two Year Old :) - putting your kid in a box? Seems legit - D

tips for getting great candid shots just using one word

Create your own chubby crayons... I'd do this with different hues of the same color!

Crayon and coloring book travel case featured at the blog "seven thirty three." (Unsure why, but if you click to follow the link, up pops a Pinterest warning about the page being reported for spam. I didn't see anything spammy on the blog, just lots of cute craft and party ideas.)

Cool Chunky Crayons. Must make with Bug sometime and get rid of all those broken crayon bits.

using crystal light containers for grab and go crayons, markers, and colored pencils!

I'm definitely going to make this -- Pad of paper and crayons on the go pack