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Ladies: Make 2016 The Year Of Muscle!

Building muscle isn't rocket science. With the right mindset, a straightforward approach, and these 6 simple tips, you can surprise yourself in just a few weeks!


The 8 Rules Of Building New Muscle

The muscle you have now was earned one way. The muscle you don't have yet might play by a different set of rules entirely. Here's what they are!

LOVE this interview! Favorite Line: "I'd say many women are scared to "get ugly" and work their butts off; the need to feel pretty while working out is an inhibiting factor because you're never going to look hot when you squat your max!"

Keep it Real If your desire to get in shape doesn't meet the requirements on the to-do list of daily rituals, you're not going to see the results

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Pauline Nordin - The Ultimate Female Fitness Trainer?

Pauline...incredible definition

Pauline Nordin! "Compare yourself to YOU. YOU and nobody else is the important person in your life. So keep your focus where it should be; on YOU."