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I do that.

I put it on shuffle to listen to a variety. I forget that I have a ton of music from only 7 different artists and a lot of songs that I've been meaning to delete lol I hit the skip button a lot


Usually have a very uncomfortable smile on my face while staring at the cake so I don't make eye contact with the "happy birthday" singers! But even more awkward. SINGING happy birthday to someone. "um excuse, what key are we singing in?

it's not a DIARY!!!  we don't want to know about every bite you take or move you make!

"IS a social networkING" ? some people need to realize that grammar matters

That is true I mean I am the Historian of my student council and I did cheer I do swim I do read a lot so yeah

when i'm bored, nobody texts me. when i'm busy, i'm the most popular person on the planet. hahaha LOL SO TRUE!

Actually it's me washing the dishes and Adam slowly putting his dirty dishes in the sink

That awkward moment when i'm doing dishes and my family slowly puts their dishes in the sink. All the time :)

I never set my alarm for a multiple of 5, it's always a 3 or a 7. Good to know other people do this too!

Office To-Do List

This is so me! (and also because I cannot wake up if the alarm doesn't go off on an odd number.

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That mini heart attack you get when your teacher calls your name and you're not paying attention.this almost happened to me yesterday!

or my favorite: you're not paying attention, but you still somehow get the right answer because you were subconsciously listening!!!

That boss moment when your teacher doesn't think you're paying attention so they called you and you answer the question right.