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  • EmmyRed

    Oh the memories!!!!! I LOVED Garbage Pail Kid cards!! <3 I had quite the collection [stack] too!.... I even remember when they got banned from our school, because they became such a distraction among the students!!

  • Superfly Presents

    Garbage Pail Kids, 80s trading cards

  • Tracy K Nixon

    I collected and swapped Garbage Pail Kids stickers at school! Why? I haven't a clue lol!

  • Jennifer Tucker

    Garbage Pail Kids ~ pretty gross, but a great childhood memory!

  • Michelle Mundell

    Garbage Pail Kids! Collector cards that were a spoof of the Cabbage Patch Kid dolls. They were so gross, but we couldn't get enough of them! I gave all mine away to my cousin sometime in the very late 80s.

  • Christy Dain

    80's toys - I remember garbage pail kids

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I've been a little dissapointed with the absence of Garbage Pail Kids on Pinterest. Such a visually oriented platform, and not much in the way of a showing from GPK?

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Skip-It! Like a hula hoop jump rope. And it had a counter! It was the original pedometer for kids! ;)

Kid Sister doll. One of the best "toys" of the 80s. (I didn't have one myself, but I knew people who did)

I loved this thing! (remember the sound the pegs made as they punched thru the paper to make the designs?)