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What does the name North Dakota mean? "Dakota" is the Sioux Indian word for friend. President James Buchanan signed the bill creating the Dakota Territory in 1861. The Dakota Territory originally included the area covered today by North and South Dakota as well as Montana and Wyoming. On November 2, 1889, both North and South Dakota were admitted to the Union, becoming the 39th and 40th states.

Hummingbird Ranch, Arizona Rental House, Southeastern Arizona, Pearcefrom Hummingbird Ranch, Arizona Rental House, Southeastern Arizona, Pearce

Hummingbird Ranch Vacation House Rental ~ Pearce Arizona

Geronimo's Wife Taazslath and her Child, Chiricahua POWs at Fort Bowie, Arizona, April 1886.

"Geronimo's final surrender in 1886 was the last significant Indian guerrilla action in the United States. At the end, his group consisted of only 16 warriors, 12 women, and 6 children. Upon their surrender, Geronimo and over 300 of his fellow Chiricahuas were shipped to Fort Marion, Florida. One year later many of them were relocated to the Mt. Vernon barracks in Alabama, where about one quarter died from tuberculosis and other diseases. Geronimo died on Feb. 17, 1909, a prisoner of war…

Beautiful daughter of Geronimo c.1900. - Lena Geronimo was born in 1886 in Fort Marion, St. Augustine, FL, while her father was a prisoner there. The medical staff gave her the name Marion, after the fort, but she took the name Lenna upon returning to the Southwest. Lenna Geronimo, the daughter of Geronimo and wife Ih-tedda, a Mescalero Apache, was the full sister of Robert Geronimo, Geronimo's only living son. Lenna was Bedonkohe-Mescalero.

Cha Chay Pay Way Ti’s Map of the Waterways of a Part of Northern Manitoba 1806 [facsimile] This is a fascinating map of a complex area of waterways between Cumberland House and Split Lake, and shows how greatly the European explores must have been assisted by the natives in picking their way through the lake country of northern Canada. Peter Fidler was at Fort Chipewyan on Lake Athabaska in the spring of 1806, and it would appear that Cha chay pay way ti must have drawn the map for him…