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I desperately need a 'hide political posts' button on Facebook so I can still like all my friends after the election year is over.

Funny Procrastination Flowchart Using Social Media Diversion Facebook and Twitter


The Friendship Algorithm.

Big Bang Theory


Why did I unfriend you?

facebook. Haha

Mugs from Anne Taintor: if by "happy" you mean trapped with no means of escape...? then yes, I'm happy

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100+ Funny Things to Say to Siri

97+ Funny things to say to Siri



My biggest pet peeve. If you say you're so ugly, I'm just going to believe you.

Sometimes getting unfriended on Facebook is magical... really... it's like the trash took itself out.

Aw... this is for my husband, who I love dearly, for the asshole he really is.