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In 2009, astronauts John Grunsfeld (left) and Andrew Feustel are mission specialists performing the first of five STS-125 spacewalks and the first of three for this duo on the Hubble Space Telescope.

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Take A Look Inside NASA In The '50s

1959: Astronauts on the Project Mercury mission — the first human spaceflight mission ever. We were working on beating the Russians then.

Apollo 17 mission, exploring the moon. #The moon #Apollo 17 astronaut lunomobil.


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Moon-bound Apollo 13 launches #now in 1970. A ruptured oxygen tank aborts the mission:

Farewell, Atlantis (NASA, International Space Station, 07/19/11) by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

Astronauts F. Story Musgrave, anchored on the end of the shuttle's robotic arm, and Jeffrey A. Hoffman inside the orbiter's payload bay, conduct the fifth and final spacewalk to fix Hubble during the shuttle Endeavour's 1993 servicing mission to the orbiting observatory. Credit: NASA

July 8, 2011. The final space shuttle mission takes flight as Atlantis launches on STS-135 from NASA's Kennedy Space Center at 11:29 am EDT. Photo by Dane Penland, National Air and Space Museum.