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    It’s not the FUTURE that you’re afraid of, It’s repeating the PAST that makes you anxious. Must remember this! So true!


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    Sean and Connor planted 2 rose bushes for me a few mothers days back. It is awesome to see them grow.

    The Prudent Pantry: Wise Words. How beautiful it is to stay silent when someone expects you to be engaged

    The trouble with trouble is, it starts out as fun.

    story of my life.

    That would be me!


    YEP!! Absolutely so!!! I want to be in your arms CONSTANTLY my love!!!

    This one is interesting.... I value loyalty tremendously, but I do not want it AT THE EXPENSE of anybody else. I need to be loyal to myself, and the other person needs to be loyal to him/herself, and we each need to value that....

    True love pushes you to constantly better yourself....bettering yourself can be quite difficult and taxing on your opinion of yourself (or rather, your opinion of your former self). As long as it's for the better, that's what matters!

    Being fabulous sure works up an appetite.