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    free Creating a picture into a Graphic Pattern

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    this website will convert a picture into a crochet pattern!

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    Make a knit, crochet, or cross stitch pattern out of any image on your computer

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    Turn any picture into a gridded knitting pattern using this free website.// knitPro web app

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    Turn A Picture Into A knitting, Crochet or Cross Stitch Chart - Free Online Software - Free Craft Lessons

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[ Pattern ] Pattern of the week. Have good weekend! <If you have any questions about the pattern or anything, please feel free to ask.> Please follow us on our FACKBOOK page, if you interested and also to know more about us and crochet, knitting, arts, fashion, movies and more…

Looks like a quick hooking project that could result in a really versatile and modern piece.

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Tutorial on How to Convert Your Flat Knitting Pattern to Knitting in the Round

Nacy Neill took this photo right around the time I choose to be a fiber arts major.  It reminds me of the best choice I’ve made! PATTERN:  Maultiples of 3 Row1: purl Row2: (right side) K2, *YO, K3, pass 3rd st on righthand needle over first two 2 sts; rep from * to last st, K1 Row3: Purl Row4: K1, *K3, pass 3rd st on righthand needle over first 2sts, YO; rep from* to last 2 sts, K2 Rep 4 rows, happy knitting :)

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Edging (Leaves with a tiny flower )I would crochet the flowers in a long row and not individual..After I made the row of leaves..