Cities After The World Ends

'Life After People' by James Sparkes

The post-apocalypse I see in our very nearly future isn't this pretty, considering what humans are doing to the environment.

Concept Art, Mattepaintings And Illustrations By Andree Wallin

Post-Apocalyptic Art | English Russia Vladimir Manyuhin

【情報】介面/場景/人物立繪 等等 各類原圖素材(2015.02.15更新) @碧藍幻想 哈啦板 - 巴哈姆特

Daniella tapped her foot looking at the picture in her hand the ruined city that apparently stood tall ones before they came. They didn't look much different than humans but they had a violence in them a hunger for destruction, they made this happen. Thy attacked,forcing humans to produce more weapons than they ever did, they turned the world everyone ones knew in a wasteland of war, a war Daniella would do anything to stop. ruins backgrounds

Exploring ruined city

The Amazingly Intricate Animated Landscapes of Munashichi no.5

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Life after the apocalypse.

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Post apocalypse

Post Apocalyptic Chicago in Stunning Post Apocalypse Artworks

Castle Courtroom?

Will you even survive the apocalypse, be it zombies, nuclear disasters or natural disasters? BuzzFeed

Life After the Apocalypse (2) by Vladimir Manyuhin

Post Apocalyptic Ruined City in Stunning Post Apocalypse Artworks