Cheez Whiz - Family Circle July 1968

Grocery Store Checkout, 1970's. Notice all the different sizes of paper bags, but no plastic in those days.

cheez balls

chun king 1957 - Cantonese Frozen Dinner. I'll bet those are squishy wet eggrolls in the upper left.

Deviled Ham.

This was the first in a line of very popular baby dolls by Mattel (marked 1969, but first marketed in 1970) called "Baby Tender Love". As a sophomore in high school I begged for her for Christmas. She was the last baby doll I received. I've saved her all these years and she's still soft and lovable.

McDonald's sandwiches came in styrofoam containers ... note the McDLT container on the top! #80s #1980s #stayinalivenovi

Lemon and radishes? Not a good combination.

Perfect Strangers

It's sort of like "Bodyworks" but not......

Family Double Dare. I always thought I'd be on it one day. . .

1920's ad for kissing screen lol

Swift's Canned Hamburgers! ...make sure you stock your bomb shelter with plenty of these....

I remember when this was the only kind of sandwich bag. Before cellophane bags or wrap. We always had a peanut and jelly sandwich tucked into one of these. :o)

The Waltons...LOVED the Waltons...

Columbia Record Club

Can I have one?

1980's MTV. Played at work! I loved that part of retail...

Loved the Sears Catalog Christmas Wish Book!

Remember the Family Treehouse? Circa 1975, it even had an elevator, and a doghouse for Barkley.