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    Cheez Whiz - Family Circle July 1968

    Gay Dogs Prefer...., Unintentionally Funny Vintage Advertising.

    Cheez Whiz

    cheez balls

    Wonder Bread Date Bait ad. 1968. Apparently bread was used to bait young men into a relationship in 1968.

    1920's ad for kissing screen lol

    Sunbeam bread ad--holy crap!

    I loved this place in the 70's. They were all dark inside with a juke box playing. The tables had checkered tablecloths and those jar candles with the plastic mesh around them. Atmosphere! Then when we read books for "Book It" we got pizza!

    1969 wonder bread magazine ad

    chun king 1957 - Cantonese Frozen Dinner. I'll bet those are squishy wet eggrolls in the upper left.

    Vintage Ad

    Smoking Cartoon Characters

    1968 Family Affair Coloring Book. I loved that show. Buffy looks about my age when I would have had this coloring book.

    Avon Lady lipstick samples.

    The Wonder Bread "Fresh Guys" (1972) by MewDeep, via Flickr

    Swift's Canned Hamburgers! ...make sure you stock your bomb shelter with plenty of these....

    little miss sunbeam 1954 by Captain Geoffrey Spaulding, via Flickr

    Mrs. Beasley & Buffy from Family Affair

    Best ad ever.

    Sniffly noses? Breathing through their mouths? They can't think of anything that turns guys off more, huh? What about guys bodily habits in general---even when they're healthy. Ew! I'm still lookin' for those old ads that preach how men need to clean up their looks, behavior, etc so they don't turn women off. back at you guys at the Mentholatum company!

    Franks Go Festive! Family Circle article, July 1956 Hot dogs on pizza?