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  • Lynlee Mckee

    Awesome site that gives FREE printouts on anger management games, decision making, social skills, etc. that can be used for individual or family sessions! Awesome website! @Beth Elrod

  • Laura Sipes

    Social skills activities

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"Take a look at some of the common descriptions used when referring to the characteristics of a strong-willed child: Demanding, Insistent, Stubborn, Bossy, Cocky, Difficult, Challenging, Fixated, Contrary, Rebellious, Defiant Now look at some of the common characteristics of adults who are world leaders, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, innovators, world-class athletes, and the like: Decisive, Determined, Persistent, Authoritative, Confident, Valiant, Gutsy, Committed, Resourceful, Nonconforming, Bold"

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